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Gardening and Arborist Equipment
New England Arbors manufacturers Americas favorite line of garden arbors available in many sizes and styles.
Silky Saws Looking for a pruning tool? DIYs and professionals alike love these saws. Presentation of product information is excellent.
eArborist Arborist equipment and links
Aquamiser Garden Watering System is for beds, borders, trees, shrubs, tubs, planters, window boxes, hanging baskets, vegetable gardens, and green houses. Its an economical way to water your garden. Easy DIY installation.
The Flower Pot Shop is an online retailer offering unique hand-made ceramic planters, pottery, and flowerpots to container gardeners.
Nurseries and Retail is a well designed site featuring articles, forums, seed shopping, gardening tips, and much more.
If you are looking for hard-to-find perennials, grasses, trees, shrubs, or vines, then check out Digging Dog Nursery. Offering plants for sundry borders, woodlands, meadows, dry sites, gardens or containers. They have an online tool called PlantFinder to help you select the right plant for the right place.
Do you grow your own vegetables or fruit? Homestead Harvest Preserving the Garden is a bountiful site packed with products, instructions, and ideas for storing and processing food from your garden. Canning, drying, juicing, freezing, and gardening.
Timpanogos Nursery is a nursery growing the Tibetan Goji Berry. Shipping bare root plants to the retail public. Gardening Supplies, Organic Fertilizer, Mesh Netting, Pruners, and much more. is an online Garden Centre offering a wide range of garden tools and accessories for both the amateur and discerning gardener - From Garden Machinery & Haddonstone Planters to Garden Furniture & Flower Bulbs. With FREE DELIVERY on many products.
The Gardener's Directory A links directory of gardeners websites and commercial gardening sites. 'Gardeners Mall' Shopping sites for your favorite gardening products. Over 50 categories including seeds, advice, trees, bonsai, flowers, gardening, gardens, alpines, suppliers, wildflowers, and equipment are just some of the popular categories.
Garden Community Garden Zone finder, Giant Garden Directory with 100s of categories to find gardens, specialty nurseries and garden supplies for wholesale and retail trade. Free garden pictures that are copyright and royalty free. Books, links to free magazines, articles, and more.
The Garden Chest offers a wide selection of home & garden accessories, garden tools and garden supplies.

Onebark's Favorites
Rainharvest Company Check this company out. Talk about 'cutting edge,' this firm is really making a difference. They have found alternative sources of water for domestic and commercial use by sequestering water before it can leave your landscape...then recycling it for your OWN use. Free water!
Tree News in Atlanta Blog and news source. Find out what's going on with Atlanta's trees and forests.
Tree Services
Piedmont Tree Specialties Full service tree care company based in Macon, servicing middle Georgia. Owner-operated and has a strong committment to tree preservation and tree health care.
Tim Corbin's Tree Service Serving 14 VA counties & 2 metro areas since 1988. Professional tree, stump, landscaping, lot clearing, and brick work. Lic.& insured services. Safety Is always first! Free estimate.
A Tree Service, Inc. Stump Removal specializes in tree stump removal and is based in Orange County, CA. No job is too small for them. Whether you have one tree or need to clear an entire site, their equipment handles the job. They maintain clean and professional equipment, doing the job right the first time.
International Society of Arboriculture
Arbor Day Foundation One of the best designed tree-hugger sites. Little-known destination only 1 hour from Atlanta Although not related to nature, this site is the most comprehensive resource for tree ordinance information as well as parking fines! A better way to do environmentalism.
Brudi & Partner Tree Consult is a German company providing a wide variety of consultations, specializing in tree statics and tree protection.
Garden Centre Online - Luke Jackson's online plant nursery offers an excellent mail order plant service. Choose a garden plant from our excellent range - by dealing with the grower you can buy plants online at massively discounted prices. We also offer wholesale nursery and garden landscaping services.
Forestry and Land
Precision Clearing offers unique, environmentally friendly options to clear or manage unwanted vegetation anywhere. Back yards, dams, woodland areas, ROW, and habitat restoration. Be sure to watch the video!
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