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Certified Arborist tree construction atlanta

We provide a full range of tree conservation and construction services:

  • Tree Protection Plans
  • Tree Prescriptions
  • Tree Inventories
  • Specimen and Landmark Tree Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies

Tree Prescriptions
A Tree Prescription is a document that analyzes construction impact.  It almost always includes a treatment plan that helps maximize tree survivability.  Each municipality has its own guidelines for the arborist preparer, so the tree prescription must meet the local Best Management Practice requirements.

Tree Inventories

Most municipalities in the Atlanta area require tree inventories as part of any land disturbance permit.  Onebark will work with your design team so that the tree inventory is accurate and fair, and that it truly reflects the conditions on the site. 

Specimen & Landmark Tree Analysis

An accurate reflection of Specimen tree conditions is critical to the success of a project.  If specimen tree are incorrectly measured or diagnosed, a project will spend too much on tree recompense and replanting.  Our arborists use the unique specimen tree definitions contained in each municipal ordinance to skillfully assess specimen trees and reduce financial liability.  Jesse Milton, the president of Onebark, has been assessing Specimen trees for nearly 25 years.

Tree Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is a consultative approach to helping a design team make decisions about tree conservation.  We are tree conservationists with a sharp pragmatic edge.  Onebark understands the risk and liability of trees.  We draw upon our extensive  knowledge of how trees react to impact and changing site conditions.  A feasibility study may be a simple one-time meeting on a residential infill lot...or a long-term study for a commercial development.  

Whatever the project size, our customers return to us again and again to help them make the right decisions about tree conservation.

Tree Protection Plans

Onebark can provide your design team with all the required arborist information for your plan submittals.  We specialize in Decatur Tree Plans, Brookhaven Forestry Studies, and Atlanta Tree Prescriptions. 

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